Friday, August 16, 2013

The Shortcut

Who does not like getting things done faster? Wouldn’t it be great if you never had to search for a file and application to launch? What if I tell you that the document you are working on can be opened without even knowing where it is and without even clicking it? Yes, this can be done with revolutionary Qliner hotkeys.



The Setup:

1. Download and install the setup file

2. Once installed press Win + Z to launch the keyboard layout which will look like this,


3. The vanilla installation comes with pre-defined shortcuts but you need not worry; you can retain or remove all and place your own shortcuts. There are 3 ways to assign new shortcuts,

a. Either select any key and right click on it to launch the menu; browse through the file that you want to launch upon the trigger.

b. Go through a shortcut adding wizard

c. Or, drag and drop


4. It also comes with some pre-defined scripts (Tools) that can prove very handy.

5. Right clicking on an empty space on the keyboard layout gives the following options,


Lastly following are some innovative ways you can use the Qliner Hotkeys,

1. Shortcut to different important folders

2. Shortcut to that important document you are working on

3. Shortcut to useful applications like Messenger, Outlook, MS Word and my favorite Notepad.

4. You can even create new email shortcut and place to a key and that will give you a one hotkey shortcut for new email.